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The Underwriting Service is the starting point for all securities offerings at The Depository Trust Company (DTC).



New Issuance Count

This chart represents the total number of new issues that come to market and are made DTC eligible on a monthly basis.

The Municipal debt detailed in the chart includes, but is not limited to, municipal bonds, notes and variable rate demand obligations.

Corporate debt tracked in the chart includes, but is not limited to, corporate and government bonds, structured debt products and debt units.

Equity issues in the chart include, but are not limited to, common and preferred stock, ETFs, closed end funds and unit investment trust.

The retail Certificates of Deposit (CDs) do not include institutional CDs that are made eligible through DTC's Money Market Instrument program.

Can I download the data in these charts? Yes, the data in these charts can be downloaded. By downloading the data you agree to DTCC's terms and conditions on this webpage and in the Terms of Use. To download the data, click here: here

New Issuance Amounts (in billions USD)

This chart tracks new issuance totals for municipal issues, corporate debt, equity and retails CDs on a monthly basis for the preceding 12 months.

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